Why inspiration is Important before develop Your business.
published on: February 15, 2021

Who Inspires you?

Why heroes, role models, and mentors matter?

Who is the most inspiring person in your life?

Everyday, We inspire by anyone even negativity sometimes inspires you if you think positively.




How to turn your negativity into Inspiration and Strength?

First, choose your interest before go ahead and then inspire by someone. It helps you to overcome negativity.

Inspirational Personality

Louis Braille: The Boy Who Wanted to Read

In a small town near Paris, three-year-old Louis was playing in his father’s workshop.

Louis’s father made leather objects and had many special tools. Little Louis often spent the day playing here.

He picked up an awl, a sharp, pointed stick with a wooden handle. Mr. Braille used it to make holes in leather.

As he played with the awl, Louis’s hand slipped. He let out a loud cry. The awl had hit one of Louis’s eyes. The infection spread to Louis’s other eye and the boy became blind.

He went to school with all his friends and did well in his studies. He was Intelligent and creative. Most importantly, Louis was determined not to let his disability slow him down one bit.

After some time, Louis went off to study in a special school in Paris for blind students. At the school, Louis realized that there were special books for the blind to read.

Valentin Hauy, the founder of this school, had made books with large letters that were raised up off the page. Since the letters were so big, the books were bulky. Also, they were expensive to make.

Feeling each letter with his fingertips, Louis set about reading the books in the school library. There was a problem in reading that it took a few seconds to read each word. So by the time he reached the end of a sentence, Louis almost forgot what the beginning of the sentence was about!

“There must be a better way!” Louis said to himself. And, as he soon found out, there was.

He heard about something called ” night writing”, designed by Captain Charles Barbier. The French army used this method to read messages in the dark.

They used an alphabet code made up of small dots and dashes. The symbols were raised up off the paper so that soldiers could read them by running their fingers over them. Louis tried out the code. He saw that it was good but he wanted to improve it further.

On his next vacation home, louis spent all his time working on this system of writing. As he sat there in his father’s leather shop, Louis picked up one of the awls. The idea came to him in a flash. The very tool that had caused him to go blind would now help him to read!

Over the next few days he worked on an alphabet made up entirely of six dots. The position of the different dots created the different letters of the alphabet. Louis used a blunt awl to punch our a sentence.

Holding his breath, he read it quickly. Everything made sense. His plan had worked! Louis had invented a new system of reading and writing for the blind – and the boy was only fifteen years old!

This system for the reading and writing is used all over the world today. It is simply known as Braille. Today, the blind can read maps in Braille. Special Braille computers enable them to work and connect with the online world.

Since Louis loved music, he also created a music code in Braille. This helps the blind read musical notes and compose tunes.




  1. He always focused on his problems and find the solution
  2. He focused on one niche in his whole life and worked for that.
  3. He got the solution in his free time and idea appeared from a childhood mistake.
  4. He never thought that blindness is his weakness.



So, guys, I want to know what is your thought about and who inspires you?

Comment below. I know, In our life we inspire from any great personality.

Name your favorite personality in a comment. Share your perspective.

Let’s start a chain and help each other to find solutions.

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10 months ago

I am inspire to helen keller.