Why BW?

We always focus on better quality for our customers. Timely delivery is important for us.


Fast turnaround times:-

Not only do we handle large production orders, but we also reduce led times and deliver fast service by keeping all processes under one roof. Your business thrives when you can respond to the needs of your own customers. We help you achieve this responsiveness through industry-leading turnaround times.

Exceptional quality:-

Everything we do is focused on achieving the highest level of quality. We take great pride in our workmanship, and it shows in our results – as evidenced by our ISO Certified 9001 certifications. We have experience in taking designs and concepts into durable products that represent the utmost in quality.

Reduced costs:-

Our single solution approach to contract manufacturing leads to reduced costs that we pass along to our customers. By reducing lead times, quality issues, handling, freight, and administrative work, we are able to offer a high-value service that quickly delivers products of the best quality.



Let’s read this story

Why Someone’s house got burnt

someone’s house got burnt due to a short circuit.
Don’t purchase ordinary wires because the result of purchasing bad wires can be dangerous.

for the rest, Ordinary wires also emit smoke which can create suffocation.

so that, you should purchase wires from Bhatnagarwires because we believe in the quality of products and always focus on customer requirements.

We make winding wires in such a way that they are compared to India’s most unique and beneficial wires.

It’s top layer is made up of polymer.

It protects from water and moisture and helps stabilize the temperature and maintain the fluctuation of voltage.

If you want to be safe use Bhatnagar wires and trust on Bhatnagarwires.

We never disappoint our clients.

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